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I don’t know about you, but I get pretty tired of looking for a service and having to faff around with discovery calls and worry about getting the hard sell when I don’t even know if I can afford it.

So let’s just make this short and easy.

Extended DISC

I highly, highly recommend you invest in Extended DISC first – it can really help fast track the coaching process because it shows how you’re adjusting your natural behaviours for your current situation, and what that might be doing for how you’re currently feeling.

Often it turns out that what we think is the issue isn’t the issue at all!

$350+GST (1-9 profiles)
$295+GST (10+ profiles)

What’s included:

  • A 20-page behavioural report
  • 60-minute 1:1 debrief

Fees for coaching

I’ve lost interest in having a coaching programme that’s run over three or six months. I found it a bit inflexible and, also, a bit unfair to the client if they’ve got sorted and ready to move on before the last session.

So you can just buy affordable blocks of sessions. That way, you can use a couple if you want to get unstuck with something (maybe something that was raised in your Extended DISC report) and come back in a bit for some more support.

If you’re buying coaching for your team, the sessions can be used for any member of it.

Single session: $160+GST
Six sessions: $800+GST ($133 a session, use within six months)
Ten sessions: $1000+GST ($100 a session, use within a year)


This should all be fairly straightforward, clear and simple. All you need to do is flick me an email at to get started.

And, of course, there’s still a ton of value in a discovery call – it’s just that now we can focus more on how I can help rather than what it’s going to cost. So let’s talk. Get in touch today.