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Extended DISC®

What if I said you could open a window into yourself, your behaviours, and those of your team members, and uncover behaviours and motivations you didn’t even realise?

What if I said you could use that information to improve everyone’s performance, understand each other better, and reduce workplace conflict?

What if I said you could get a full picture of everyone’s interpersonal role in a team and spot areas for development?

What if I said that suddenly those awkward conversations became easier?

And what if I said you’d only have to spend 10 minutes each to fill out an online questionnaire?

You can do that – and much, much more – with Extended DISC®.

What is Extended DISC®, anyway?

Extended DISC® is an assessment tool for individuals and workplaces that measures natural behaviours and communication styles.

It broadly groups four communication styles, along whether they’re task- or people-oriented, and whether they’re introverts or extroverts:

  • D – Direct
  • I – Influential
  • S – Stabilising
  • C – Compliant

Almost all people will be a combination of two or more styles. It’s really important to know that no style is better or worse than another – they’re all different, and can really complement each other in a well-constructed and run team environment.

A horizontal axis and vertical axis. The vertical axis is labelled 'Task' or 'Thinking' at the top and 'People' and 'Feeling' at the bottom. The horizontal axis is labelled 'Extrovert' or 'Intuition' at the right and 'Introvert' or 'Sensing' on the left. D and I styles are extroverted, but D is task-oriented while I is people-oriented. C and S are introverted, but C is task-oriented while S is people-oriented.

What’s really interesting, though, is that it also assesses how people are modifying their natural behaviours. This might be in response to something in their environment or in their role, and it’s valuable information. We can show coachees their sweet spot, where they’re most comfortable, versus where they’re currently operating.

That’s really valuable information, because this often shows up an individual’s discomfort with their current situation, and what’s happening – or what they’re not getting – that’s causing it.

Extended DISC® for teams

Have you ever worked with someone you just couldn’t get along with? Maybe they irritated you, or maybe you were absolutely terrified of them? I have. I had a workmate who frightened me – she was abrupt and (to my mind) never said anything nice. After I’d worked with her a while and managed to get her talking about her cats, she warmed up and ended up being a pretty good workmate, as long as I stayed in my lane.

What I now know is that she was a completely different style to me. If I’d known about DISC styles then, I’d also have had information on how to identify them and how to communicate with them. I wouldn’t have felt like I was walking on eggshells every morning for months.

In all teams, the different behavioural styles play different roles, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. It’s possible to use Extended DISC® as a recruitment tool to design an ideal team construct, based on what the team needs, or to highlight gaps and areas for development. When hiring, it can be really helpful to get an insight into what a candidate will need to succeed in the role, even before they’ve started!

I’m interested – what happens?

If you and/or your team is keen on Extended DISC® profiling, the first thing is to get in touch.

You’ll receive a link to the questionnaire, and each member of your team will do theirs individually. It shouldn’t take any more than 10 minutes, and usually a lot less.

Then we’ll book a time for your 60-minute debrief, where I go through your profile with you, explain what you’re seeing, and help you make sense of it. Sometimes further coaching opportunities arise, and we can arrange these separately as well.

A wide range of reports are available; leadership, teamwork, sales, communication, careers, even couples – it’s all there waiting for you.

All you have to do is get in touch, let me know what you need, and I can recommend the best report/s for you.

The investment

An Extended DISC Behavioural Profile, with 60-minute debrief, is $350+GST per person.

For a team of 10 or more, it’s $295+GST per person.

Want to know more about Extended DISC®? Get in touch.

Keen to find out more? Flick me an email at, and I’ll be in touch!