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Working with a coach (me!)

If you haven’t experienced working with a coach before, you’re probably wondering what the process is.

This is how I work with individuals; if I’m working with your team members it will be similar but more targeted to certain business outcomes.

A friend, who I was helping with a business, once described it as ‘therapy for your business’. Now, I’m most definitely not a therapist, but what he meant was that it’s a chance for you to have some space to get immersed into your thoughts, feelings, aspirations and doubts around your work.

Are you all in?

This is what working with a coach is like.

Once you’ve completed your Extended DISC profile (this is where I always start, because it fast-tracks the process beautifully), I meet you where you are on your journey. I’ll invite you to share what you dream of in your life and your work, and ask you a lot (and I mean a lot) of insightful questions to really get you thinking, and to help me understand where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going. We’ll go into your hopes, your fears, and your big bold goals, and I’ll be there to support and encourage you through your process of discovery.

Together we’ll come up with a plan and a realistic strategy to help you break through your roadblocks, your self-doubt, the stories you tell yourself.

What will we cover in our coaching sessions?

The process of working with a coach is different for everyone – that’s the beauty of the 1:1 coaching experience. There’s no generic curriculum here – some things might need more time, others you might already have a good handle on. Sometimes things jump out and surprise you!

But over our time together, we’ll explore things like:

  • Your values
  • What you need from your work, and whether you’re getting it
  • What’s been going on
  • How you work
  • Your goals and your dreams
  • Your mindset

What to expect from coaching

You’re not on your own.

Over our time together, we’ll explore how you can:

  • Plan your career or business according to your values and what matters most to YOU
  • Reconnect with why you thought any of it was a good idea in the first place (we’ve all asked that!)
  • Trust your gut and follow your intuition
  • Open yourself to new ideas and potential for positive change
  • Be yourself (because if you feel like you’re an actor playing a part, something’s gone wonky)
  • Ignore the voices saying ‘you should’ and start saying ‘I will’
  • Give yourself permission to set and keep boundaries
  • Give yourself space to challenge yourself and your ingrained beliefs
  • Grow personally and professionally

Sound good?

I’m your #1 cheerleader.

More than anything, I want to see you (and your team) succeed.


I want you to feel comfortable and confident in your work, not sitting up at 3am wondering what the hell you’re doing.

I firmly believe in growing in the direction of the choices we make. There’s no right or wrong, just opening ourselves and evolving as the journey takes us.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint: there’ll be times you’re smashing it, then times you need to slow down and take a walk, then times where you’ll feel like you’re about to hit the wall, then you reach an aid station and you can surge forward again.

I want to share in your experiences and help you find that inner strength and determination that gives you laser focus and a strong direction.

Let’s celebrate that together.

Get in touch

Tell me what’s on your mind! Let’s see how we could work together to bring you closer to the life and business you’ve been hoping and working for. Why not schedule a short call – 15 minutes or so – where we can get to know each other better and see if we’re a good fit?

Just flick me an email at, and I’ll get back to you as quick as I can.