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Why I’m refocusing my coaching

If you’ve been here before, you’ll know that, till recently, my main focus has been on coaching creative business owners and helping them build a business that fits into their life.

It’s still something I strongly believe in. I loathe the #5amclub, living to work, hustle-hustle-get-ahead-own-a-superyacht mentality that can be so pervasive among a certain subset of the business community, and it’s still important to me that people get clear on what they need, what they value, and how to build that in to what they do.

Making coaching more available

It’s so important to me that I’m now expanding out to more people. I know the advice is always to find a niche and stick to it – but it’s also possible to change your focus on who you do it for while not changing much at your core.

I’m now a professional and personal development coach.

If you’re a professional or business owner who’s at a crossroads or been through recent change, and you don’t know what you want any more, that’s where I help.

I can help you rediscover your values, define or redefine your goals and/or mindset, help you see who your ideal self is now, and help you chart a path forward.

New tools available

One of the things I’m doing differently, rather than just asking questions and winging it, is using tried-and-tested coaching tools, namely Extended DiSC.

I chose Extended DiSC because it can be applied in a huge variety of coaching settings, from team settings to leadership to individuals, and provides a huge amount of information – basically kickstarting the coaching process and fast-tracking some of it.

One of my favourite sections in the behavioural report is the motivators and demotivators – it’s pretty telling when someone realises that their current situation is full of things that demotivate them, and such a buzz for them to realise it’s not their fault!

Get in touch

If you know what you need but need help getting there, or you just feel like something’s up but you can’t put your finger on what, let’s talk. You don’t have to feel stagnant in your career or your business, or wake up every morning thinking ‘there must be more than this.’ There is. We just need to help you find it.