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Do less. Do it better.

Do less. Do it better. That was a message from a talk that I recently went to, and it was one of those moments where you internally go, ‘YES.’

Lately there’s been a little mouse on a wheel running round inside my head. 1:1 coaching. Courses. Webinars. Workshops. Masterclasses. Email list building. Facebook ads. Facebook groups. Instagram Lives. Reels. Passive income. Group coaching.

These are all things that are pretty pervasive in the coaching world. My Facebook and Instagram ads are almost exclusively populated by other coaches selling me their magical system for 7-figure success. A couple of times I’ve been sucked in to going to a ‘masterclass’, only to find it was an extended sales pitch.

For all I tell people to forget what they think they ‘should’ do, and go with what feels right for them, sometimes all the noise makes me forget to do that myself. Coaches aren’t immune to anything – if anything, we might be more vulnerable to ALL THE THINGS because we’re so often helping other people decide what they want to do and suggesting solutions. You help someone come up with a great idea for their business, you start thinking ‘should I be doing this too?’

So I’ve been thinking about courses I could put together, or webinars I could run, or things I could create to generate passive income. Because that’s what we ‘should’ want, right

Except, actually, I don’t right now. The idea of creating it, and marketing it, and copywriting, and all the rest of it is just something I don’t want right now. Passive income isn’t really that passive, by the time you’ve added up all the time and energy that goes into creating that income stream.

The idea of doing more for the sake of it is exhausting. It feeds into the very ideas of toxic productivity that I’m trying to expunge from my life. So what came to me, in that rush of ‘YES’, was that, no, I don’t want to do more. That little mouse can have a rest.

What I want at the moment is to do 1:1 coaching, at a time when I see so many coaches step back from that in favour of 1:many models. Because, right now, that’s what I can do better. I don’t want anything on my plate that takes me away from giving my all to my clients, or to my family. I want to spend my extra time on developing myself and my skills, and being the best coach I can.

I want to do less, and do it better.

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